First visit


Please contact the Artemida Centre to agree upon the date of your first visit that will be convenient to you.

Our patients can register themselves via phone calling the number +48 85 651 45 44, or via e-mail: In case of e-mail contact, please leave your phone number – our employee will call you to agree upon the date of your first visit.



The appropriate date for the visit is the day after the periodic bleeding stops. If one suffers from a menstrual disorder, the best time will be not after the bleeding stops, but between the 3rd and 5th day of the cycle – there may be a need to perform hormonal tests.



For your first visit, please bring with you documentation of your previous diagnostics and treatment. In dependence of the problem you are troubled with, these should include some of the following:

  • results of hormone and other tests,
  • hospital release notes,
  • description of procedures performed, especially the detailed IVF procedure descriptions (we suggest asking the clinic you were treated previously to give you detailed descriptions including medicine dosage, the course of the stimulation, cell samples taken, amount and quality of embryos).


By this time, you should have two semen analyses done – performed by the labs of infertility treatment centres. If not, do not worry – you can do them here. To do the test, observe a 3 to 4-day sexual abstinence and come to our centre 3 hours before the appointed visit. The analysis will be made in our lab.



It is worth to visit us with your partner. Problems we help dealing with concern couples, not individual persons.

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