Prenatal care

The Artemida centre offers full scope of prenatal diagnostic examinations, ensuring a safe growth of the fetus, good health of the future mom and bringing a healthy child to this world.

In the Centre, we can perform:

  • full ultrasound diagnostics, starting from transvaginal examination (USGTV) in the early stage of the pregnancy
  • prenatal examinations in the 1st trimester with ultrasound assessment and biochemical tests – PAPP-A test
  • ultrasound assessing morfometry and morphology of the fetus in the 2nd trimester, describing development of organs and systems of the child
  • ultrasound examinations using 3D and 4D techniques allowing for special imaging of the fetus in real time and in the intrauterine environment
  • organ blond flow examination – Doppler’s ultrasonography
  • other.


Patients of the ARTemida Centre can undergo all laboratory examinations on site: blood morphology, viral diagnostics, for antibodies for infectious diseases diagnosed in the course of the pregnancy, or oral glucose tolerance test.

We perform microbiological tests, direct smears (vaginal purity degree) and blood cultures (GBS).

It is possible to monitor the condition of the fetus by performing cardiotocography (CTG).

In justified cases, it is also possible to medicate intravenously or intramuscularly.

ARTemida Centre personnel provide care also in the postnatal period – confinement and lactation (a/o removing stitches, lactation advisory, breast ultrasound).


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