Gynaecological endocrinology

A team of gynaecologists and obstetricians specialised in endocrinology (Jan Domitrz MD PhD, Prof. Jacek Szamatowicz MD PhD, Prof. Sławomir Wołczyński MD PhD) offers comprehensive health care services for women with endocrine problems.

In our lab, we perform full scope of hormonal diagnostics, including functional tests.

Our offer is aimed at women troubled with menstrual disorders, excessive hair, hair loss, acne or excessive weight.

In case of this group of patients, apart from comprehensive diagnostics, we apply treatment aimed at minimizing the troublesome symptoms, while in case of patients troubled with lack of children, we apply treatment improving fertility.

We treat patients having premature ovary failure and gonadal dysgenesis – we offer a long-term care significantly improving the quality of life.

We care about prophylactics in osteoporosis and other diseases related to lack of sex hormones.

We offer our patients support and assistance in the scope of solving problems with procreation.

To women undergoing menopause, we provide assistance in dealing with troublesome symptoms, like hot flashes, irritation, difficulties in falling asleep. Our patients receive care from our endocrinologists both in terms of removing the troublesome symptoms, and in terms of comprehensive prophylactics and treatment of diseases that often occur in this group of women, like urinary incontinence, uterine fibroids, changes in breast and ovaries.

We provide specialised care also for patients planning pregnancy or already being pregnant, in terms of thyroid diseases, diabetes, or other endocrine diseases.

Qualified health care for pregnant women with endocrine problems is performed in cooperation with diabetologists and internists endocrinologists.

Proper and intensive supervision over the mother’s health, over the pregnancy and the birth greatly increases chances of delivering a healthy child to this world and minimises risk of pregnancy complications, like pregnancy-induced hypertension or premature birth.


Endocrine advisory in the Artemida Centre encompasses men as well

We offer a specialised andrological care in terms of fertility disorders. Proper diagnostics allows in many cases to introduce hormonal treatment of underlying causes. Comprehensive diagnostics, apart from hormonal tests, cover also genetic diagnostics, allowing for safe treatment using assisted reproduction technologies.

The group of patients troubled with hormonal dysfunction in the scope of sex hormones secretion we treat with replacement therapy that improves the mood and condition, and lowers the risk of future complications, e.g. osteoporosis.

In our services, we encompass treatments for patients having sexual disorders, mainly those troubled with erectile dysfunction.

Artemida Centre provides the following diagnostic services:

  • hormonal diagnostics (functional tests)
  • laboratory tests
  • ultrasound of the thyroid
  • ultrasound of adrenal glands
  • other diagnostics examinations and test.


Example diseases we treat:

  • menstrual disorders
  • polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • endometriosis
  • androgen insensitivity syndrome (acne, hair loss, excessive hair, others)
  • other endocrine diseases.
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