The staff our Centre is composed of renowned physicians:

  • Prof. Marian Szamatowicz (head of the team, the man who, in 1987, performed the first successful in vitro fertilisation in Poland)

  • Prof. Sławomir Wołczyński (Head of the Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endocrinology Clinic of the University Teaching Hospital)

  • Prof. Jacek Szamatowicz (Head of the Operative Gynaecology Clinic)

  • Tomasz Zbroch MD PhD

  • Jan Domitrz MD PhD

Prof. dr hab. M. Szamatowicz Prof. dr hab. S. Wołczyński Prof. dr hab. J. Szamatowicz

dr n. med. J. Domitrz Dr n. med. Tomasz Zbroch


The core of the team consists of professors and medical doctors specialised in gynaecology, obstetrics and endocrinology. Such composition of specialities allows us to tackle the problems of infertility in a comprehensive manner, both in case of male and female patients.


Physicians employed in our Centre have years of experience of working with patients and took part in numerous workshops, courses and congresses, as participants and experts. They are members of Polish and international scientific associations (a/o: Polish Association of Reproductive Medicine, Polish Gynecological Society, Polish Society of Endocrinology, Reproductive Biology Association, European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, American Society for Reproductive Medicine). Educational and academic achievements of our physicians include hundreds of scientific publications and a number of books and textbooks concerning infertility treatment.


Our nursing and obstetrics staff is composed of people with passion for their jobs. While qualified and experienced in gynaecology and obstetrics, our nurses are warm and helpful people, performing their duties with care and being happy to provide patients with assistance they need.


Employees of the Artemida Centre lab are experienced people, having professional experience in hospitals. They are with us from the first days of Artemida Centre.

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